What the!!!

Ohhh my geee just caught in the act… So sad. I couldn’t take this anymore! Shame on you. Why I do have to see that scenario. I’m so sad and speechless. Ouch!


Bluer than blue

at this moment she is confidently say it to the crowd “I DON’T CARE”. I’m almost over you. Hahah. I love it and this is definitely what life has mean to her. Go girl! 🙂 I am a big fan of yours. It’s really sad that you have to loose a friend but for the sake of title you have to be nice even for a seconds. Welcome empty box, she knows that there is someone who will fill it with fantastic stuff and handle it with care. Boom! Thanks papa God for take good care of her heart.

Tsk. Annoying!

From now on I’m just thinking if I’m going to avoid you, you’re too annoying. Yuck! why are both of you treat each other like that. You know what? you have to reveal your own identity and denying it is not healthy. Ewww… Turn of. Now I know why you are acting like that. Before everything is blurred but now it’s clear and I have some proof hahah… Well go on. Treat yourself as an ********… Good night and good luck to you…

Self predictions

The things you do right now could set the stage for some big opportunities later on. And even if you’re quite busy today, just remember that it’ll be important to get all the little details right and get everything taken care of. Just don’t get so caught up in the small stuff that you forget about the big picture. If there’s an awful lot going on in your life today, try to keep a positive attitude and always remember to learn something from every experience. Your efforts right now will end up paving the way for plenty of exciting new developments that will be coming your way before long. Aja!

Going out of your way to help someone you care about should serve you quite well. Just don’t be afraid to play a little hard to get and allow someone else to make the first move when it comes to romantic situations. And even if there’s a lot for you to deal with today, try not to let yourself get too stressed out. You’re bound to be feeling pretty energetic today. Just realize that people will be watching you, and you should be ready to show everyone just how capable you really are. So don’t hesitate to make a few sacrifices for others right now. 😦

Chapters under Pressure…

Our life has many different chapters. Every single steps is important so you have to deal with it. There are times that it becomes fruitful, cruel, bitter, sometimes it becomes tasteless, it depends on how we manage every pages and its up to each of us on how it becomes every chapters becomes sweet. Just want to share this… I been talking to this successful man we talked about surpassing and how to play with it. Then he speaks about “courage” and from him I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. You gain strength and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face of every challenges. He said that “you are the driver of your life”, use your self esteem in every road you are taking, steer it with care, it’s up to you if your going to adjust your gear, but much better if you gonna take it slowly because in life there is “no reverse available”. So we have to think before we drive, do it with no fear and doubt. Most important is do everything with God…


The Debate Over the Ethics of Photo Restoration

Michael Tormey's "Legacy Blog"

At first glance, one might question how photography and genealogy are linked. The reality is, however, that a big part of genealogy and historical research is simply basic detective work.

To do a complete study of an ancestor’s past, a genealogist or family historian needs to put on their detective’s hat, turn over every stone and investigate every clue at their disposal. And old photographs just happen to provide a wealth of such clues — clues about what our ancestors looked like, where and how they lived, possibly what kind of job they had, what their likely economic status was, and what their hobbies were. Group photos, in particular, are also very helpful in solving mysteries about family relationships and other missing links.

So yes, collecting and studying old family photographs has become both an accepted and expected part of modern genealogy. This reality aside, however, what can be said…

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